Buy PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass On Cheap Price.

We Know That All Guys Are Known About PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass Where You Will Get Some Awesome Gun Skins, Premium & Classic Creates And Some Free Emotes With Dress Skins , So Here We Are Giving The Trick To Buy Elite Royal Pass In Cheaper Price .

No Matter If You Are Noob Or Pro In PUBG Mobile, But Elite Royal Pass Is For All. 😂🙃

We Already Post About How To Buy Free Elite Royal Pass In Our Blog, But Some People Are Not Have The Requirements To Get It .

That’s Why We Are Giving The Trick To Get It In Cheaper Price $3.96 (₹340) Almost 60% less Than The Price.

Requirements To Get It :

1Having ₹340 In Your Google Play Credits Or Bank Account.

PUBG Mobile Free Elite Royal Pass Trick

Of Course Its Not A Free Trick To Get Free PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass. So You Must Have Credits To Buy It Cheaper By Using This Trick.

Don’t Worry Guys You Just Need ₹340 To Get It The Price Of Elite Royal Is ₹799 And You Are Getting It Almost Below The Half Price .

2Regular Player Of PUBG Mobile.

Yup Regular Player Of PUBG Mobile For Elite Royal Pass Otherwise Why You Need It.  😂

Regular Means Regular Not One Day OFF In Sign In.

3120 Days To Go.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Trick

Yes Bro Regular Sign In Requirement To Get The PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass.

Means You Have To Collect UC Every Day To Get The GOAL. Thats Why Already Told You Its For Regular Gamer Not For All It’s Require 2 Seasons In PUBG.


Finally Here Is The Trick To Get PUBG Mobile Elite Royal Pass.

Just Subscribe To The Prime Membership Of It For 4 Months Thats It.

One Month Price Is ₹85 

So The Total Price Is ₹85 * 4 = ₹340

And Stay Active Log In Of 120 Days Almost 2 Seasons To Get The Elite Royal Pass .

We Know This Is Not A Trick But Chill Bro. 😝😝😝

If You Don’t Like This Trick You Can Also Read :-Trick To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile.

Offer Source :   CLICK HERE 

Offer Details :

  1. Subscriptions are available in Prime and Prime Plus. Upgrading from Prime to Prime
    Plus is not an option, but players can subscribe to bath at the same time and enjoy the
    benefits of both.
  2. Subscriptions are renewed automatically every month. Players will be able to enjoy
    the benefits until the end of the current period if they cancel their automatic renewal.
  3. A Prime subscription awards 5 UC daily (and allows collecting forgotten UC 5 times)
    and enables players ta purchase same items with BP (7d and 30d items).
  4. A Prime Plus subscription Awards 20 UC daily (and allows collecting forgotten UC 5
    times) and enables players to purchase some items with BP (7d, 30d and permanent
    items). Prime Plus members can also buy a Classic Crate at 50% off once per day, earn
    1D RP Paints per day (no collecting forgotten points), get an additional discount item in
    store when refreshing, and earn a one-time reward that includes 300 UC, lottery.


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